Localphone CouponsIf you are looking for ways to lower the costs of your phone calls with family members, significant others, and friends, then you might find LocalPhone coupons. This company, through LocalPhone coupons, will allow you to call global phone numbers and pay local rates. LocalPhone charges are significantly lower than other modes of global VoIP communications—you can call loved ones wherever they are in the world for as much as 86 percent less than what Skype charges. LocalPhone is one of the best VoIP companies in the world—not only do you get the best rates for international calls, but you will also enjoy great service.

LocalPhone Coupons

  • International Call Rates
    Expiry: Unknown
  • Incoming Number Rates
    Expiry: Unknown
  1. To begin using your LocalPhone coupons, click on the link above to be taken to the official LocalPhone website.
  2. If you are a new user, you will be asked to sign up for your own account before you can use your LocalPhone coupons. Just fill in your name, email address, your country of origin, and the phone number that you wish to use with this international call service.
  3. Once you have signed up for a LocalPhone account, you can click on “My Account” at the upper right corner of the page. Choose the yellow “Add Credit” button.
  4. By clicking the yellow “Add Credit” button, you will be asked to choose between the values of $5, $10, and $20. You can also choose to specify an amount that you wish to add to your LocalPhone credit.
  5. If you choose to specify the amount you want to add to your credit, put in the small box on the page that will appear after you click “Other.”
  6. Provide your billing address and continue to the next page.
  7. Review the amount you wish to add to your credit. You can also use your LocalPhone coupons in this page. Add your LocalPhone promo code in the small box under the statement of the amount. After typing or pasting our code in, click “Add.” The discount will be applied to your statement immediately.
  8. Select the mode of payment for checkout.
  9. At the checkout page, you will be provided with payment and order reference numbers, and you will also be asked to check on your billing and shipping information.
  10. Provide your payment information and click the “Purchase” button.

LocalPhone Promotional Code Restrictions

LocalPhone coupons have expiration dates, which means that they will be deemed invalid once the date indicated on the coupons has passed. Unless stated otherwise, LocalPhone coupons and promo codes can only be used with paying for LocalPhone credits.

LocalPhone Overview

LocalPhone was founded by Paul Cusack, a British entrepreneur who originally wanted to find a way of how to reduce his phone bills. Paul Cusack racked up unbelievable international call charges in his previous job, which encouraged him to persevere and search for other methods for global communications. After months of research and hard work with a team of experts, he came up with the LocalPhone service, which allows its customers to make low cost calls from just about anywhere in the world, for less than the price of a local phone call. At present, the LocalPhone team is continuously and consistently working for the improvement of the service their company is offering thousands of customers all over the world.

With LocalPhone, you can make landline and mobile calls over the Internet, and even get apps that will enable you to do so in your iPhone or Android devices. You can also send text messages to your loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

The company is based in Sheffield, UK. If you wish to contact the company for specific concerns, you can send them an email through Billing, Customer, Technical, and General Feedback forms.

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