AeroGrow CouponsAeroGrow International, Inc is the mind behind the innovative AeroGarden product which is a ground-breaking indoor garden appliance that is both self-contained and automatic proven to produce 100% successful results. Buy AeroGrow products at discounted rate using AeroGrow discounts code.

AeroGrow Coupons

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  3. Enter the coupon code in the corresponding box and click apply.
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AeroGrow Coupon Code Restrictions

AeroGrow promo code is only valid within the purchase period and coupon codes may not be combined with other existing offers. AeroGrow discounts from qualified purchases can only be used once per order and it cannot be added once the purchase is completed.

AeroGrow also reserves all the right to change or reformat any existing offer without prior notice. The discount coupon is only valid for the actual purchased item and it does not cover any other expenses and charges the purchase may generate such as shipping, taxes, and other extra charges. For more information about any existing promo and discounted offers, visit the website or you can contact their customer service. Coupons and AeroGrow promotional codes may only last for several weeks depending on the availability of the product or as deemed by the company. The company also has the right to cancel any existing promo without notice.

AeroGrow Overview

Micahel Bissonnette founded AeroGrow and focused on developing a highly efficient and low maintenance gardening technology where pants can grow only on water, air and nutrients any time of the year. The result of the years of innovation is the AeroGarden. This product has been designed for re-use and maximum energy efficiency. The entire gardening appliance only consumes less electricity and is made entirely from recyclable materials. AeroGrow provided homeowners the opportunity to grow their own gardens indoors without relying on soil and chemical fertilizers.

Products range from three pods, seven pods, to extra which is ideal for growing full sized vegetables and other bigger plants. The company offers a myriad of indoor garden selections, seed kits, grow lights, and seeds and accessories among others. You can also order for a custom seed kit or settle for their conventional indoor garden system that ranges from three, six, to seven pod seed kits.

AeroGardens from AeroGrow make gardening simple. The gardening appliance will tell when it is time for you to add nutrients or water and it also automatically turn the grow lights on and off in order to simulate the natural actions of the sun. AeroGardens are well tested when it comes to growing fast and health vegetables and other plants by making sure of the perfect conditions for them to grow which means adequate light, water, and nutrients. And because this gardening appliance requires no use of dirt or chemical fertilizer, this is a mess free gardening solution for anyone.

AeroGrow provides the opportunity for people to harvest fresh vegetables all year round. The AeroGarden device can also be used as a seed grower before transplanting it into your outdoor garden. In addition to that, smaller AeroGarden models can be used as a decorative appliance where you can plant any types of flowers and other decorative plants without worrying about the season.

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